Andreas Raabe

Chair of the EANS Vascular Section

My focus has always been to seek for improvements and innovation in the core field of neurosurgery, which I consider the part that has to do with our daily work. Identifying problems and seeking answers to questions that only neurosurgeons could investigate, and not, for example, biologists or neurologists.

Therefore, my main scientific interest is the application, improvement or development of techniques for protection of brain and spine structures and function during surgery. My personal scientific projects and the department’s philosophy focuses on technique and technologies.

Examples for topics include the development of indocyanine green videoangiography, in cooperation with Prof. Robert Spetzler, for vascular lesions (2003); the concept for the design and function of continuous dynamic brain stimulation for surgery adjacent to motor structures, with acoustic feedback (2013); the concept of sensor intelligent robotic drilling for placement of pedicle screws (2017-dto.), and a new concept for a personal learning environment software for medical education (2014-dto.). My surgical focus is the treatment of tumors and aneurysms, as well as microsurgery for patients with spinal degenerative diseases.